Kadence Blocks Pro Review: Supercharge Your Gutenberg Experience

Enable page builder like experience in Gutenberg editor.
  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Documentation and Support
  • Value for Money
4.4/5Overall Score
  • The plugin is lightweight and contains 19 blocks to help you design beautiful websites.
  • It enables the dynamic content into the block editor. You can choose the source of dynamic data as WordPress core, ACF, Pods and other dynamic plugins.
  • It comes with wireframe blocks to help you speed up the design process.
  • The block settings follows the Gutenberg UI which makes it less confusing for beginners.
  • You can add animations to blocks to bring life to your website.
  • It lets you disable the blocks that you don't want to use.
  • The design library has limited section blocks unless you opt for a essential bundle.
  • You can use Kadence Blocks with other themes but it doesn't offer direct integration to use global styles.

WordPress adoption of the block editor has led to the birth of many third-party Gutenberg plugins. One such plugin is the Kadence Blocks.

It comes with 15+ custom Gutenberg blocks that extend the functionality of the block editor and help you create beautiful websites.

It follows the freemium model and the free version is good enough to create basic websites. The Kadence Blocks Pro adds advanced functionality such as dynamic content, animations, custom icons and fonts, and much more.

Kadence Blocks review

You also get a premium design library to help you speed up the design work.

In this in-depth Kadence Blocks review, we’ll go through:

  • A detailed look at some of the key features of Kadence Blocks
  • An overview of all blocks that come with it
  • Information on Kadence Blocks Pro pricing
  • Thoughts on whether it’s the right Gutenberg block plugin for you

Let’s dive deep.

Kadence Blocks Review: 6 Key Features

While the Kadence Blocks has a wide range of features, we’ll take a closer look at a few of them.

1. Configurable Defaults

Once you install the Kadence Blocks, it lets you set default settings for all of its blocks. The settings that you specify here are automatically applied whenever the next time you add any block to the page.

To set default settings, open any page in the WordPress block editor and you’ll see a Kadence icon at the top right of the screen. Click on it and it will reveal the Kadence Blocks controls where you can set the defaults.

Click on Kadence icon at top to set block defaults

The first option is to set the color palette. You can set your brand colors using the color scheme as explained by Kadence.

Kadence default blocks control

If you use Kadence Theme, the global color you set in the customizer will automatically get updated here.

Below the Global Colors, you’ll find the Block Defaults which houses all the different Kadence Blocks. You can control the visibility of the blocks by clicking on the eye icon. If you hide the blocks here, they will not be visible in the block editor.

Next, if you click on individual blocks, you can set all the different default settings. You get the options to set settings such as colors, height, typography, spacing, and much more.

Default settings for individual Kadence Blocks

Each block also has responsive controls, so you can set a different value for each device screen size.

2. Responsive and Spacing Controls

The content on your website should have enough space around it to make everything look clean and presentable. Kadence Blocks let you control the spacing using margins and padding controls.

pading and margin control in Kadence Blocks

The margin controls how much space is outside the border of the element you are editing.

The padding controls how much space is inside the border and the content of the element you are editing.

These days most of us consume online media through our mobile phones. Your website design must look good not only on desktop but also on mobile phones.

Kadence Responsive controls

Kadence Blocks comes with responsive controls for each block wherein you can set the values based on devices. This ensures that your website looks great even on mobile devices.

3. Typography Controls

On a website, fonts are just as important as colors and images. Fonts bring your content to life and help in conveying the message you want to convey through your website.

Kadence Blocks integrates with Google Fonts to provide access to over 900 professional fonts. When you choose a font family, you also have the option of defining the font weight if the font has multiple styles.

Google Fonts integration in Kadence Blocks

Every block that allows you to add written content includes complete typography control. You can change the font size, font height, line height, and letter spacing. You can also automatically convert text case between uppercase, lowercase, and capitalized letters.

4. Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is a powerful feature that replaces content on your website automatically to display personalized content. This means that you can create a template and have its content automatically changed based on the page or user who is viewing the content.

Dynamic Content in Kadence Blocks Pro

If your website allows user registration, you can use dynamic content to display personalized content such as the user’s name and other personal information.

Dynamic content through Kadence Blocks can be added to any part of the website that uses the WordPress block editor. This includes posts, pages as well as widgets on the sidebar. You can add the dynamic content for core WordPress fields as well as it integrates with third-party custom field plugins such as ACF, Pods, CPT UI, and many more.

5. Premium Design Library

Kadence Blocks saves you tons of design time with the help of a pre-design library. The library includes sections, wireframe blocks as well as full-page websites.

Kadence design library

You can access the library on any page or post by clicking the Design Library button and insert any template with just a click.

Click on Design Library at top

For full websites, you can click on the template to view individual pages and then insert the page you like.

If you use the Kadence Blocks along with the Kadence Theme, any template added to the editor will adhere to the theme’s global styling.

6. Scroll Animation

Kadence Blocks includes scroll animation support to bring life to your website. You can apply different animations to the section, and it will come to life when the content is in the viewport and the user scrolls through it.

scroll animations

When you add a row block in the editor, column blocks are automatically added within it. Columns are where you can add animation, and the content within those columns will animate.

You can add animation to any column with a single click. There is no need to write any complicated custom CSS code. There are several animation options available, including fade, flip, zoom, and slide, to name a few.

What Type of Blocks Are Included With the Kadence Blocks Plugin?

While all blocks are included in the free Kadence Blocks plugin, it limits some of the features for the Pro addon. In this Kadence Blocks review, I will explain in short what each block is and what it does along with a screenshot.

1. Row Layout

Create an outside container that will house columns. Style options include adding a background an overlay, padding, margin, and other options

Kadence row layout block

2. Form

Easily create contact forms or newsletter forms and style them inside the block editor.

Kadence form block

3. Advanced Gallery

Create beautiful gallery carousels and sliders. It even comes with lightbox functionality.

Kadence Advanced Gallery Block

4. Advanced Button

Comes with extra functionality to add icons to buttons and arrange multiple buttons side by side. Also, you can easily add rel tags to button links.

Kadence Advance button block

5. Icon

You can choose from over 1500+ SVG icons to add to your page and style the size, colors, background, and border.

Kadence icon block

6. Spacer / Divider

Add a divider between your content or simply leave some space. When compared to the core spacing and divider blocks, this allows you to control the height of each device.

spacer divider in Kadence Blocks

7. Advanced Heading

The main heading block is simple and does not allow for much customization. The Advanced Heading block allows you to select Google fonts, style, color, size, highlight, transform, and many other options.

Advanced Heading block in Kadence

8. Tabs

Create vertical or horizontal tabs and style them with options for color, typography, and background. You can add content to the block using any other block from the Gutenberg editor.

Kadence tab block

9. Info Box

Simply use it with an image or icon and add title, description, and learn more text to create those beautiful-looking feature boxes.

Info box Kadence Blocks

10. Accordion

Easily add content inside a toggle and style the title, background, border, and much more. Great for creating FAQs on the website.

accordion block Kadence Blocks

11. Icon List

The icon lists are great to make your lists more engaging and attention-grabbing by including icons in them.

icon list Kadence Blocks

12. Testimonials

This makes it easy to display testimonials and develop trust among visitors. It can be displayed as a carousel or simply a grid.

testimonial block Kadence

13. Countdown

It lets you create urgency by displaying a countdown timer block. You can have a simple countdown as well as an evergreen countdown.

Kadence blocks countdown timer

14. Posts

Display posts from your blog in a beautiful grid or as a carousel. Great for displaying blog posts on the homepage.

posts block in Kadence Blocks

15. Table of Contents

Add a table of content inside long articles for easy navigation. You can choose which heading appears in the TOC.

Table of content Kadence Blocks

That’s it. These are all the blocks that are available in the Kadence Blocks plugin.

Kadence is also said to be working on an Image block and is said to arrive when WordPress 5.9 update lands.

Kadence Blocks Pricing

Kadence Blocks follows the freemium pricing model and comes in two versions. The free Kadence Blocks is available to download from the WP.org plugin directory.

Kadence Blocks Pro is the premium version of the plugin with added features such as additional blocks, dynamic content, and scroll animations.

The pricing for Kadence Blocks Pro starts at $89/year. If you feel the pricing of Kadence Blocks is a bit on a higher side, the good thing is that you can use it on unlimited websites.

The Kadence Blocks Pro unlock features such as dynamic content, custom icons, and custom fonts.

You can also get the Kadence Blocks Pro in Essential Bundle for $149/year and it includes Kadence Theme Pro and Pro Starter Templates.

Kadence also has a Full Bundle for $219/year and it gives access to Kadence Conversions and all other plugins and themes in their portfolio.

Kadence Blocks Review: My Verdict

To wrap up the Kadence Blocks review, here are my thoughts on it:

Kadence Blocks is a powerful Gutenberg plugin that extends the block editor’s customization capabilities. It is simple to use and includes all of the necessary blocks.

I find other Gutenberg plugins to cluster the settings sidebar which isn’t the case with Kadence Blocks. It has well thought settings panel with only the essential options present.

In terms of features, it cannot still compete with established page builders such as Elementor.

You can try Kadence Blocks before committing to a paid version to get an idea of what to expect from the plugin in terms of design freedom. You can also check out the starter templates created using it.

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