7 Best WordPress Block Themes for Full Site Editing

Try Full Site Editing on WordPress 5.9 with these themes.

Are you looking for the best WordPress block themes to try out the full site on WordPress 5.9?

Full site editing is the next big update for WordPress. It enables you to create and customize every part of the website from scratch using the Gutenberg editor without relying on the design that ships with the theme.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best full site editing themes to try out the new WordPress 5.9 experience.

What is Full Site Editing in WordPress?

Full Site Editing is the new way you will be able to design websites in WordPress.

It is the next phase in the Gutenberg development and enables you to use the Gutenberg blocks to design every part of the website including the header. footer, single post and page template, archive template, and much more.

full site editing themes

If you’re familiar with the Elementor theme builder, Full Site Editing in WordPress 5.9 brings that feature to the core editor. It comes with block patterns to let you easily add predesigned sections into the editor.

It also lets you set the global style wherein you can set the fonts and colors to be used across the entire website.

What Features To Consider While Choosing a WordPress Block Theme for Full Site Editing?

If all WordPress block themes allow you to customize every aspect of your website, what are some of the features you should look for when selecting a theme for your website?

Default Design

Although, with full site editing, you can design every aspect of your website from scratch, having a predesigned default design template can save you a lot of time and give you an idea of the design possibilities.

Block Patterns

Block patterns are section templates designed using the Gutenberg editor. Each theme includes a set of block patterns that adhere to the same design principles as the default design template.

They are extremely useful in speeding up the design process when starting from scratch.

Template Editing

Despite the fact that full site editing allows you to design every part of the website the way you want, it is the theme that controls what template you can edit.

When looking for a block theme, look for one that allows you to design the most basic parts of your website, such as the archive, single post, 404, search, and WooCommerce pages if you have an eCommerce website.

Now that we know what to look out for in WordPress block themes for full site editing, let’s see some of the best ones out there.

7 Best WordPress Block Themes for Full Site Editing

Because full site editing is new, there aren’t many block themes that support it. I expect that many new block themes will be available after a few weeks of the release of WordPress 5.9.

At the time of the release of WordPress 5.9, here are some of the best WordPress block themes for full site editing.


Bricksy is a beautiful free block theme created by Anariel Design, a popular WordPress theme provider. It is a high-quality, modern-looking theme that comes with tons of features.

Bricksy Pattern library

You get beautiful block patterns as well as full-page designs for a few niches.

Bricksy Templates for Full Site Editing

It makes great use of the block editor and comes with support for quite a number of templates. Apart from regular home, single and archive pages, you can use it to design WooCommerce pages, sidebar, 404 page, and more.

2. Frost

Frost is a minimalist design block theme by Brian Gardner and Nick Diego which was recently acquired by WP Engine and made free for everyone.

The theme primarily employs a black and white design throughout the website, with an emphasis on readable typography and plenty of white space around the content. The pattern library is the best part of this theme, and it currently comes with 38 of them.

Frost pattern library

Frost is not yet available on the WordPress theme directory and you can download its zip file from GitHub. It includes

3. Ona by DeoThemes

Ona by DeoThemes is a minimal yet beautiful theme for fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogs. When you first install it, you’ll be asked to run a setup wizard to install the essential plugins and import a demo of your choice.

Ona by DeoThemes Get Started Wizard

Ona also has a few different child themes, each with a unique layout and design. The pattern library is filled with beautiful section templates ready to import with one click.

Ona by DeoThemes pattern library

Because Ona is intended for blog websites, it primarily focuses on the templates for single and archive pages with varying designs.

4. Alara by UXL Themes

Alara is a modern block theme packed with a ton of block patterns to help you get started right away. What’s unique about this theme is that the developer has promised to release a new pattern, child theme, or a new design variation every week for this year.

alara block theme pattern library

When it comes to page templates, it comes with all necessary templates with variations to help you pick the one you like. What this means is that the single page template comes in variations such as shown in the image below.

Alara single page template variation

5. Bai

Bai is a simple and elegant FSE theme that comes with a clean aesthetic and subtle animation when you scroll down a page.

The typography and color used throughout the website makes it a good theme for lifestyle and fashion niche.

Bai Theme page templates

The patterns and page templates in the Bai theme aren’t as extensive as other themes in the list, but you do get the essential ones.

6. Twenty Twenty Two

How can an article on the best WordPress block themes for full site editing be complete without the mention of the default WordPress theme for 2022?

The new default Twenty Twenty Two theme is made to showcase the power of global styles and block patterns and does a pretty good job at it.

twenty twenty two pattern library

In addition to the wide variety of patterns, Twenty Twenty Two comes with six pre-designed color palettes to change the look of the entire website with a few clicks.

It includes the majority of the basic templates, allowing you to control the design of your website. Twenty Twenty Two is, in my opinion, the best default theme to ship in years.

twenty twenty two site templates

7. Aino

The Aino theme is a bold, versatile WordPress theme designed to be used with the Aino Blocks plugin. This combination provides users with unlimited design possibilities that are easily customized through the backend.

It comes with more than 40 block patterns and the developer has promised to add 20 new ones every month. Like other themes on the list, Aino also supports all basic theme templates.

Aino block pattern

That’s all! Out of the few available, these are the best WordPress block themes for full site editing.

Wrapping Up: Full Site Editing Themes

Full Site Editing is in the After the first few weeks of the WordPress 5.9 release, we anticipate the numbers will increase significantly and many more good themes will be available. We’ll keep this post updated with new ones as they become available.

If you are not looking to jump on the full site editing bandwagon, you can still use classic themes such as Blocksy and Kadence with WordPress 5.9. They work with WordPress 5.9 and keep the old customizer that most are familiar with.

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